Sir Baldric Sir Baldric is a member of the SCA in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. My full name is Sir Baldric Leeman of NewCastle Emlyn and I've been involved in the SCA since 1983. I've been married to the future Saint Lady Brayla La Viennette for over 16 years and I've got twin boys, Nickolas and Christofer, who are both 10 years old. I'm a full-time geek and while I'm still learning HTML/ CSS (Yes, this is a template), I play with a whole slew of technology.

HRM Quilliam and my family Quill and Family This picture shows HRM Quilliam posing with me and my family last year at Pennsic, when he was King. This was immediately after he and HRM Dagmar placed me on Vigil for Knighthood, after the Unbelted Champions Tourney, hosted by the Kingdom of Ealdormere. I had the pleasure this past year of having a small part in TRMs placing him on Vigil for Knighthood, that took place at Trillium War in Ealdormere. This is a story that should only be told in person, so I shall leave it out of here.

Ealdormere's Unbelted Champions Team Pennsic 39 Ealdormere Unbelts This is the picture of Ealdormere's Unbelted Champion's Team for Pennsic 39, led by myself. On the left is TRMs Quilliam and Dagmar and on the right is TRHs Etian and Valfreya

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